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The POWER of Peer-to-Peer

Some of you may have seen the purchase of SKYPE by eBay. For those of you that don’t know SKYPE, take a look at as it is a great technology on top of a P2P network.

P2P is the future, is there any doubt?

I think the real power is not that a company with barely 7 million dollars in Revenue can generate an acquisition of almost 4 BILLION dollars but the REAL power is that the consumer no longer accepts the old school method of the need for a middleman to facilitate commerce between people. Skype has done it for free, creating software and giving it away without the impact of having storage or bandwidth costs.

What is next? Who is next?

P2P is here now, is there any doubt?

I encourage you to be a demanding consumer and tell your friends as well.

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