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You Need a Website, We Build Websites.

18+ Years of service to SDVOSB and VOSB’s.

You Need a Website, We Build Websites.

There are a thousand things you could do, and THREE things you should do.

Let’s get started with what helps your SDVOSB or VOSB business grow and flourish.


Build Trust First. If your future customers don't TRUST your website, they are gone.

We are all similar when visiting a company's website for the first time. We use some logic, and our emotions come out too. We are typically skeptical, sometimes on the edge of cynical when looking things over. You get a first response, it is an instinct based on your experience. A positive feeling starts with an error free, fast, modern, secure website.

Delivery Clarity Second. If your content confuses your customer, they are gone.

Once you gain trust, simple design, no errors, responsive to any mobile device, then, and only then is your content important. Keep it as simple as possible; single line titles, summary info people can read in <10 seconds (otherwise it's not really a summary). Images that are like a 1,000 words. Clarity is accomplished with the right combination of words, images & video, not fancy, just simple and smart.

Make It Easy. If your call to action is not obvious, they are gone. Help them help you.

Getting a future customer to take an action is a big deal. It is an emotional step for them, after they trust you, and understand what you do and how you can help them. It is like them saying 'sounds good to me'. There are three levels of commitment, NOW (call / schedule), SOON (email contact), and MAYBE LATER (signup to follow you on a social platform or your email newsletter). You want to have all options as if you don't, they are gone and it is a missed an opportunity for you. Rarely to website visitors return.

It’s a forever website, you build it once and updates are free.

Our Value

Our value is our service, our consulting, our experience, our availability to help your business and oh, you also get a modern kick-ass website too. We know we are not the “cheapest” in the short term, but we are the most effective in the long run. You probably already have felt the pain of doing it cheap. We hear it often, too much, but we understand. The better way to look at the money you are about to spend is this, what service do I get?

Our Commitment

We are a veteran-owned business. This means, like you, we have a commitment to each other that we don’t need to define. We know, you know.  You’ll experience it in that we say what we do, then we do what we say. We prioritize you. We keep the BS meter on Zero, we are direct in our communication, and are focused on the mission of creating/growing your revenue.

Our Advice

We recognize there are a lot of self-help options such as GoDaddy, Wix or Squarespace.  We also recognize that any time spent on building a website is time not spent on running your business.  If you wanted to do it yourself, we’d still like to talk to you to make sure you have the right steps to do it right. We do have a fantastic reference list of VOSB’s that thank us for helping them get started AND support them from month to month.  We feel your website should work for you, not against you in growing your business.

Key Elements of a Website that builds trust, provides clarity and makes it easy.

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Primary Call to Actions – Click to Call and Contact
Emotional Trigger with “Testimonails” button
Clear Indication it is YOU – Your Logo
Responsive, Mobile ready for any screen size
Mobile Contact Form
Single Page Scroll Design for easy tablet navigation

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Primary Call to Actions – Click to Call and Contact
Partnership Logos that build trust
Clear Indication it is YOU – Your Logo
Landing Pages with Custom Contact Forms
Responsive Mobile only menu on phone
Full Page Contact Us with Contact Form

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Full Screen background Image or video that instantly shows location (builds trust)
Navigation with Text and Icons
Single Page Sticky Navigation Menu
Embedded Scheduling Widget on Contact Us Page
All Services on Responsive Page
Stacked Mobile Ready Contact Form

Featured VOSB Work

It's never really what you "say" you can do, it is always what you've done.

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    8ONE8 Team

    About 8ONE8

    Why We Exist

    Nothing fancy here.  We have helped small businesses since 2005.  We have hundreds of clients.  Our goal is to provide practical advice based on your needs to sustain, recover or grow your business.  We are a business-first team.  Technology should work for you, not against you.

    Veteran and Charity Focus

    We like to help those that help others.  Our veterans have allowed us the platform of freedom to help others, so we thank them by supporting their often post-service business ventures.

    Every charity has people that believe. We work with them so their technology works for them, helping them help others directly.

    Our Team

    We are a team of experts, with a passion for our families, our communities, and our clients.  We work from everywhere. The team consists of Veterans, self-learners, and those that don’t fit into a regular job. Depending on your needs, we put together a team that makes sense for you.

    Our Pricing

    We don’t have a fancy office.  We don’t have espresso machines, beer fridges, ping pong tables, or 4 day work weeks.  We all work from home and always have.  We simply pass the savings in cost to you.  This allows us to offer high quality at a fair price, which means you don’t have to pay for all the stuff you don’t care about, like strong coffee and ping pong.  It just seems dumb.