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The EASY & FREE way to Critical Mass

The easiest way to attract customers is to do something that is easy, free and replaces something they already do.

Time…Which is THE key part of our lives, as it is the only thing that moves forward, no matter what you do or how hard you work. For everyone, it moves at the same pace.

So, the simple mission of 8ONE8 is to make something “free” AND save you “time”. There are so many services out there that have us make a delicate choice between money and time, examples would be home grocery delivery, lawn service, dry cleaning, maids, netflix vs. blockbuster, etc.

There are very FEW services that are “free” AND save you “time”.

8ONE8 allows you to list your item in 30 seconds, with as many pictures as want, list it ONCE, with an infinite end date, and only respond to buyers you want for free.

You want to list 1,000 items…it’s free listing and no final fees and without having to “monitor” it in 7 days, paying for stuff that didn’t sell…seems almost backwards when you really think about it.

Wait until you see the add-on services….a few examples below.

> Need a garden tool, find out which one of your neighbors has one and is willing to share…8ONE8 will remind you to return it.

> Have a garden, and you’ve already eaten too many tomatoes? Share them with you neighbors via 8ONE8 Garden Share, trade them with your neighbors via 8ONE8.

> Know someone in need that is too proud to ask for help? Post an 8ONE8 Needs List where the 8ONE8 Good Samaritan Group can spread the word and help your friend.

> Your car break down? Call your spouse or a friend to send an 8ONE8 Help alert, which pages your friends to help you, someone might be close by.

> Have kids that outgrow their clothes too fast? Be connected with groups that can “hand it down” using the 8ONE8 trading system.

> Tired of shopping one item at a time? Post your entire shopping list, and have 8ONE8 organize the transactions for you, but store, by item, by child, anyway you choose.

> Can’t find something? Make your want list public, and push your transactions to buyers signed up that specialize in your “want”.

8ONE8 is a transaction system…not an eBay Wanna Be…stay tuned.

8ONE8 Prez