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P2P Doesn’t NEED critical Mass

This might be obvious to most of you, but I still often marvel at the simplicity of P2P. Typical internet companies have COST..they have cost to supply the storage, backup and the server capacity to handle the “hits”, also known as bandwidth. Well, P2P doesn’t have this cost, covered in earlier blogs. The largest hurdle to any “people transaction” based system is the Critical Mass, again, covered in earlier blogs. But did you think of this…..

P2P can be used in very small groups, it doesn’t need critical mass to be effective. For example, if you have a family/friend personal network of just 10 people and they each have only 10 DVD’s, the network now has the ability to watch 100 movies EACH…so every person in the network benefits by a factor of 10X….even though they only have 10 DVD’s.

If ONE family buys ONE more DVD, it benefits the network by 10X…meaning, 9 more family’s can “trade” or “borrow” it without cost to the user, OR to the company providing the software, in this case 8ONE8 as there is no storage or bandwidth requirements. Think about this for a second…..take it beyond DVD’s….ever buy a PS2 or XBox game, play it till “you’ve beat the game”…and the it just gets dusty? Once you’ve read a book….you keep it to maybe read it again, but wouldn’t it be great to share this book, Harry Potter, Michael Crichton, John Grishman. It allows people to save money by sharing and save time from the bookstore, not to mention the gas prices to get there.

What else is possible? upgrade your computer? have a drawer of old, but still good parts? And of course, the “trade” doesn’t have to be same-for-same, I’d gladly trade you toys my kids have outgrown for some duplicate gift you got for your birthday…hmm…once more, if you think about it, the possibilities are endless.

We are not messing around with fee for this or fee for that, we have the ability to provide a transaction system, free of cost and free to use. Get ready…tell your friends to build your network and get ready for the change.

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