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FTC Warning against P2P – huh?

Let me start by saying, I like our government. For as bad as it could be, the internet itself has transformed the integrity of our representatives, the flow of information and has cut off the flow of politically “organized” information, keeping it raw. It has provided accountability.

So, the FTC has issued the following warnings, I’ve added my comments.

Set Up the file-sharing software very carefully
DA: Agree on this, you should always pay attention, it would be as bad as putting oil in your gas tank. The install program should make this easy, if not, shouldn’t you question why not.

Be Aware of spyware
DA: This is not a P2P issue, it is everywhere. Any company that has spyware in their software should be alienated by consumers. Spyware should be illegal, maybe the FTC should do that. It is like someone putting a “bug” on your phone. THAT is ILLEGAL. So, go to and get spydoctor. When it finds spyware, trust me that it will, BOYCOTT these companies. There is a reason they are called “infections”.

Close your Connection
DA: What?…they are missing the point, putting oil in the gas tank. P2P shares the worlds computing resources. The logic is that if you share yours, when you need it, others resources are available to you. This is easy, free and with the right company, exactly ZERO risk. The FTC is proclaiming the sky is falling. Here’s a negative rant….do you ever think the FTC might be a puppet…when P2P is commonplace, making it real, would we ever really need a “new computer” we wouldn’t, we would just need software to connect the people and their computers, we might even be able to downgrade our computer and use the money to have fun with our family/friends. Sorry to the PC makers…….switch to monitors, we will always need those.

Use an effective anti-virus program and update it regularly
DA: A P2p problem?…hardly. The FTC should prosecute these people and make it a felony, even an act of terrorism, harsh?…maybe, but malicious intent is the worst kind.

I use AVG FREE from Grisoft…the link below, great product, no gimmick.

Talk with your family about file-sharing
DA: I couldn’t agree more, be sure to know the facts about the advantages, not just a general call that the “sky is falling”…that is only for chickens.

I can assure you that 8one8 will provide a service to you that is based on integrity, no bait & switch. I encourage you to share your knowledge of P2P and ready yourself for a change in the Internet.

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Here is the full article from the FTC…pdf format.