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Imitation is the highest form of flattery

I have spent so much time, almost every day understanding what has made eBay successful and it comes down to one thing….They have the sellers, so the buyers come, them more sellers come. This is called “critical mass”….There are so many I’ve started calling them “eBay wanna-bees”. They take the eBay model, and try to make it better, lowering fees, adding features, etc.

Check them out for yourself, open them up and see the “attempt”.

This is like Macys telling you about Gimbels, I ask that you stay in touch and tell your friends, we are about to do something different, really different. We have the power of P-Commerce (P2P), which allows us to offer many services for free without a cost structure.

If you “wanna bee” part of this important change, pre-register now and tell a friend. 8ONE8 will need your support to obtain critical mass…Our goal 1 Million listings in one month.

-8ONE8 Prez