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The Positive Peer -to-Peer

What a cool world we live in where technology is formed without a specific purpose and then creative people find a use for the new technology.

We’ve been immersed in Peer-to-Peer uses for the last few years and wanted to pass on our learnings to you, unscrtipted, unedited (hopefully without spelling/grammar issues) thoughts.

Simply put, Peer-to-Peer architecture uses the unused computing power of our often idle PC’s and shares the POWER to the community. Even as I type this, I’m using maybe 1% of my dell laptop, why not have the other 99% help someone else. Here is my motivation, if I share now, I can benefit later when I need it. It’s a big first step, but someone has to do it.

So…for now, P2P has been used to steal, let’s call it what it is, stealing music, video, etc. Now I understand why, once we learned that a burner is <$30 and CD’s are <$.01 each, and it takes < 2 minutes, we were pretty upset with the record industry. And they cry foul? Come on….at $15 a CD, they have been taking us for a ride, and now we know and somehow even the people with the highest morals, have the entire Billy Joel collection, whether they like Billy Joel or not.

The technology has somehow been packaged with two very negative things, the record company stealing from you, and now the general public (you know who you are) stealing it back.

P2P has a better use…..more on that to come….post your thoughts, agree? disagree?

8ONE8 Prez