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Simplicity Rules, KISS Duh!

simplicityrules Years ago, my laziness causes me not to research how many, simple machines were considered required learning even in the most exciting of physics classes.  Whether it high school for the dumb, or in elementary for the gifted; these were taught.   I think they were then forgotten by the majority of entreprenuers.

Including me. I’ve wasted time, money and brain resource by forgetting that simplicity rules.

Every new entrepreneur falls prey and fails often due to the inability to remember and/or grasp this concept.  You’ll recognize the absence of this memory when after hearing the ‘elevator’ pitch, one that felt like thrice the Burj Khalifa, you think to yourself ‘this guy is delusional’.

This early stage of entrepreneurial Alzheimer’s comes from a combination of the internal energy needed to succeed, add in a little of internet hype and remove any resemblance of an active mentor..and shazzam…you get unnecessary failure.