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Third Brake Lights End the Age of Advertising

flashingredlightThe third brake light has caused people to be more aware and have now adjusted, providing less attention than before to the car in front.  At first, it got more attention and now less.  If it was made smaller, people would have to focus, as their selfish Adam Smith needs were at stake. I crash = I pay.

It is the CHANGE that matters…not the bigger the light.

I’ve recently seen red lights that have a flashing ‘white’ light in the middle…like a flash from a camera.

I think we may have less automobile accidents if we took away airbags.  It builds confidence, but in a really wrong way.  It’s all about motivation and self preservation.

That is why most private pilots are careful, the stakes are HIGH.

Translate this into advertising? change without impacting your brand and make the stakes high.  Awesome.