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Good, Cheap and Fast: Pick any Two.

Well, obvious is not the obvious to everyone. Want to kill your business?…take on the wrong clients. If you have that little feeling; but need the money, ouch; you’ve taken the first step towards death.

There is a basic business concept, yet mis-understood called ‘opportunity cost’. It is what you could be doing, if you were not doing what you were currently doing. So, you want to work for bad clients who are demanding, unfair and looking to squeeze the turnip for blood?. Yeah…you’ve already lost. Trust your instinct…not only will you avoid death, but the opportunity cost of saying NO….is good business.

A bit lost on reality you say? If you are in a position to do cheap and fast, or you are trying to do all three, you lose. Accept this. Now what to do now to avoid this death dilemma; get your sales pipeline going. Do great work and only take on good clients, bad clients don’t provide referrals anyway, why waste your time.