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I describe this concept in meetings and I get the strangest looks…the first look is surprise, the second look is ‘Ah Ha!’…sometimes. There is nothing that gets more attention when you say “I’d like to talk about Wac-a-mole design methodology”. Try it.

The approach is this; your product should be so simple that it doesn’t need an explanation, nor does it need instructions. The fact that it might be fun and a stress relief is a totally different challenge.

A few design approaches
1. Less is More – cut what you have in half, then cut it in half again.
2. Delete what you most care about – Your passion will get in your way.
3. No Flaming Logos – Don’t do cool, do what people want.
4. My Favorite – Show your spouse, the only true opinion.

Go create a checklist and follow it.

Wikipedia Reference – Awesome!