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The Road NEVER Traveled

I’ve never liked poetry but it has helped me justify most of my actions in that taking the road less traveled has made all the difference. For me it has. It doesn’t mean that road is not full of flat tires, small wrecks and the occasional drunk driver, but imagining the destination just over the horizon has been worth it, so far.

During this road trip, however, I’ve been cursed by something. It’s called Web 2.0. I hate it and love it all at once. I won’t re-hype or re-type what has already been written, but just make one point.

Design and Usability should be on the top of your list. Everything is dependent upon this. It drives viral marketing and loyalty. Without it, you will have to release a Version 2 and/or your users will cap out…both major problems.

Here’s the road less traveled:

1. Assume your design sucks, ego’s create failure.
2. If something is cool…likely it is not usable….No Flaming Logos!
3. Do Usability testing every week and listen to it
4. Always make decisions based on “What is good for our users?”

It might make all the difference.