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SAY IT! – Erect Your Broadcast Antenna

RIP Sam Kinison…:(

If he taught me one thing I can express in public, it is to SAY IT..SAY IT. See it here

You have something to say, you do. So Say It. I often purposely use the term ‘blog’ and look for the non-verbal gesture of fear. Yup…I said it; fear. Business people (some) think ‘blog’ and they think about cat status, or things in a purse.

Here’s a couple of Gee Wiz Stats:
60% of Business have a blog and 65% have not blogged in over a year.

I could only imagine that using Sam Kinison, Cat Status and the words Gee Wiz in less than a full gramatical paragraph is having you think? where is this going….

The Point

Your blog is more than a publishing platform, IT is a distribution engine.
Using the simplistic, often misunderstood and over explained technology of RSS, you can do many many things with your ‘blog’.

Ready for details…here goes.

Your blog has categories, or can. These are created and maintained by you. Each category has it’s OWN RSS feed. That’s right…one for cats, one for purse. Kind of like a TV channel, or a section of the newspaper.

With a little thought, you can use each of your different ‘channels’ for different reasons. Use a category ‘twitter’ to have your post automatically tweet with a link back to your blog. Some blog posts you don’t want on twitter you say? no problem, don’t use that category when you post.

Have an email newsletter? of course you do. Have a category called ‘newsletter’ and every post can then be sent to your email subscriber list. Yup. True. Blog POST > RSS > Email.

Want to dynamically create pages on your website, no problem, category is the page name. True again. blog Post > RSS > Page Content.

So I could give you many examples. Let’s talk about driving more targeted traffic to your website.

Use your ‘blog’ as a publishing platform AND a distribution engine.

Blog Post > Category > RSS > Future Customers