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Look out below….my name is PETE!

If your friend jumps off a bridge would you?

I’ve started repeating this to my kids…and thinking, holy S*%T, I’ve turned into my parents.

And with everything I do, it makes me reflect on the state of things in my space…I mean, my industry, dang, you know what I mean.

So, I think, Web 2.0, or whatever we are calling it today, is a real evolution, it is what the web should have been.

“Jump, Jump, Jump, Jump” is what the crowd is yelling..”Jump, Jump, Jump, Jump”

A year ago, or more, people were talking about the “obligatory long tail slide” in pitch presentations, YouTube was enabling people to break the law (that’s a fact) and people were barely talking about Web 2.0 and more about the dreaded bubble.

We have not moved past it. We’ve somehow got caught up in Me-Too vision, “Hey Pete, this is Re-Pete, what are you doing, so I can do it too and call it different”

There are two “Re-Pete” business models on the net today…..both suck.

1. Ad Based – Nothing more than a distraction for the free content…this makes consumers numb and it’s the reason Tivo exists. I need Tivo for the Web…hmmm..that’s interesting.

2. Freemium – Some free stuff but you have to pay for the cool stuff. The root cause of this problem is that the barrier to entry is so low, as anyone can just offer what you are offering for free. Everything will become a commodity.

We need to stop..or at least pause and start asking whether we should? regardless of whether we could.

Web 2.0 concepts are solid; social networks, real-time distribution, passive data usage, etc.
Go do something unique.

Jump, Jump, Jump, Jump” is what the crowd is yelling..”Jump, Jump, Jump, Jump”