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It Depends….on InchStones

You ask a question in the world of internet entrepreneurship..and you always get the right answer….’well, it depends’. And then your elevator ride goes from 30 seconds, the known standard, to much more. Don’t get me wrong. I love engineers. No really I do. I think there is genius among us every day…but (always a but)…I think collectively, they need to learn a serious lesson. Quick.

Development is NOT about building the perfect building two years from now while people are getting cold and wet today…ok..bad metaphor. It is better to do it well tomorrow then perfect never…ok…lame cliche’.

hmm..more clear? to make it more clear?…my 30 seconds is almost up.

How about this….Incremental development creates success!

The “It Depends” that I always hear is about having to ‘redo’ things if we don’t build it right…..
Isn’t the definition of ‘right’ the goal?…often the confidence, borderline arrogance of human beings can get in the way of the goal.

Who defines what is right?…well…”It Depends”…but with’s the users.

Incremental development forces communication with users…ask, do, test, listen…..ask, do, test listen, rinse, repeat if necessary.

What ever development plan you have….break it down by at least 5x what you have.

It is OK to have to redo things if the feedback came from customers…hear is OK. Is it work?…yes..of course. This is not a ‘building’ with concrete that dries…..this is software, you can modify it, improve it, tweak it. If you don’t someone else will…damn..another bad cliche’.

If the customer doesn’t like it and you didn’t ask/ are going to fail.

Call them inch stones. why? User feedback….from the people that will use and buy your product. Will it work? It Depends…on you.

Incremental, achievable steps that provide value to your current users and don’t turn away your new users.