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I Pity the Fool….

I listen to a few classic musical artists, one of which is Bob Marley. I recently realized that he was not a fan of PR, just like me.

“You can fool some people sometimes, but you can’t fool all the people all the time” – B. Marley

I read so much as I’m subscribed to alerts from Bounce and PRWeb. I get at least 150 alerts every day.

I’m consistently disappointed in PR and consistently rewarded with my alerts, most often from blogs.

I spend too much time thinking. But it dawned on me that Mr. Marley was so right. PR is a short term effort to fool people. Saying it different, if you had a good product that met peoples needs, would you need to tell a story? Probably not. I suggest spending more time in actually having a story instead of so much time trying to tell one.

So I’ve developed a mathematical equation for: Are you a Fool?

The amount of time you spend on PR divided by the amount of time you spend listening to customers

If the number is > 50%, you are a fool.

Well, I’m going to stir it up and shoot the sheriff (Dear Mr. FBI, this is a poor attempt at humor)