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Give Your Customers The Finger

The mobile web has to navigate using ONE finger, preferably the index finger.

There are a few types of websites.

  1. Bad
  2. Fancy on desktop, crappy on mobile.
  3. Simple on Desktop, Simple on mobile.

The thing about the web, is that you can do anything and that is really the root of the problem.

Design for small business is usually based on the small business owners preferences, usually not best practices.

The ability to have a website succeed should be based on the customer profile and the goal of the website; trust is always first.  If your website is difficult in mobile, you have a problem.  Here is how to fix it.

  • Start with mobile design first.
  • Focus on one goal and do that really well.
  • Make it easy for customers to find you (SEO)
  • Make it easy for customers to contact you (primary placement)
  • Make it easy for customers to learn more (single topic pages)

If you only do these, you win.  Design will be straight forward and you will gain the most important thing; trust first, then conversion.