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Farmer Blow – The Entrepreneurial Instinct

There are things in life that are instinctual, they are part of our nature. There are things in life that you learn, these are part of our nurture…then there are things that are neither. Some skills come from this grey area called common sense. You know these skills are not part of the evolutionary plan, grand or not. But you don’t know when, where or from whom you’ve learned it.

The skill of the Farmer Blow is one of these, also knowing WHEN to do a Farmer Blow is another. Note to the obscure few, we are not talking about cocaine. We are talking about the lack of tissues.

So where do you get the skills and the knowledge of when to apply those skills? Odd question. Most people get the same skills from different places, via different methods. How do you know what you know? ‘Well I just know’ I hear often. Lame. Think about how you know what you know.

Serious now. An entrepreneur learns skills over time, known truths to others are lessons for the new comers. The tenacity and determination needed to learn, is so similar to the emotions that keep them from learning without a direct relationship with failure; ego and pride.

I see good entrepreneurs do things on instinct and when asked how they ‘knew’ to do that, a look of puzzlement comes across their face. Aaaahh…the grey area of entrepreneurial common sense.

If I could go back to my entrepreneur beginning, I probably would teach myself these 3 things, without it; failure is certain. Not the kind you learn from, but failure where there is pain, suffering, impact to others, missed opportunity, etc.

1. Solve an existing problem, don’t create a solution to a problem only you created.
2. Build a network of people you trust and that trust you enough to tell you the truth.
3. Accept that it will be 3x – 3 times as hard, cost 3 times as much and take 3 times as long.