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Conversion is King


Many marketers focus on the wrong thing. They focus on what THEY think is right and sometimes forget that the customer, each of them individually decide what is right, what they want. Often web pages are dumbed down to the lowest common denominator and it produces horrible conversion. must provide trust. This is measured easily by what 8ONE8 calls the ‘fear rate’, commonly also called the ‘bounce rate’. It is the % of people that do nothing, they look…then leave. This is fear or at best, a lack of trust. Build trust a few ways; first, have a clean professional website. Second, bring good traffic…not just traffic you can trick to coming to your website. It’s not a volume game like most people believe. Stop thinking like a funnel…where everyone must land on the same page. Digital space is cheap, you can have a special door for every single customer if you want, you just need to think, be smarter than the average bear, and then apply what you know. Think Trust. must deliver clarity. Confuse and you lose. The smartest, most perceptive, clairvoyant person in the world has even a few moments of confusion. Be sure to follow the rule: Less is more, land every customer on a page where they feel…’this is about me’…and have a simple primary and maybe a secondary call to action. The primary call to action should be obvious to 100% of the people, if it is not, try again. Remember KISS, not the band silly….Keep It Simple Stupid.

Third…don’t blow it now. Once they decide to take that irresistible (and obvious) call to action, make it easy. Have a clean cart, don’t make them login, register, or do anything that would cause them to roll on back to being confused or worse, have any trust issues. Saying it differently, say what you are going to do, then do it.

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