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Funnel Cake is BadLess Funnel, More Channel

Go to a local fair, the longest line is at the funnel cake mobile bakery on wheels. Dough, fried, with powdered sugar, easy to understand, yummy to eat. We like it too, but 100% of the people know it is not good for you.

Internet marketers are lazy.
We know that makes some people upset. It is hard work to get the right set of keywords, get on page one of google for keywords you care about and painful to know what is ‘in’ or ‘out’ on the home page. It took meetings and months to make those choices. We know, we sat in those meetings (pssst…sometimes even led them..doh)

Why is it wrong….poor conversion. You likely somehow live with a bounce rate (fear rate) greater than >30% and a conversion of less than <10%. So out of 100 people, 30 don’t do a thing and only 7 of the remaining people who did something, actually did what you wanted them to do. This is why the funnel method (see ‘A’ above in the drawing) is horrible, because it produces bad results. That simple; like Funnel Cake, feels right, but bad results.

The cost of every ‘lead’ is going up, in SEO effort and adwords click price. This means, without change, your Cost per Acquisition (CPA) is going up with more work…ouch. Fix it, build silos.

Build ‘silos’ to connect your customers with the right landing pages. If you sell personal water craft, you wouldn’t market to a person from Minnesota the same way you do someone from Florida? but you do, internet marketers do. Instead build ‘silos’ which connect your target market with an optimized landing page, for that customer type.

Your SEO and adwords campaigns will be more targeted, lowering your bounce rate. Your landing page will be more targeted, increasing conversion. And here’s the best part, the overall work is less and the costs are less. This will drastically reduce your CPA.

This approach is work. It takes a lot of work to set this up, and little work to maintain it. It is a scalable approach as new silos can be created quickly, current silos can be split into smaller ones to focus on conversion (lower bounce, higher capture). Since it is work, most internet marketers don’t do it, they are lazy. Sorry, we were once lazy too.

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