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Building Digital ProductsMaking Sense of what works

Source: About Face 2.0 – Alan Cooper

So many ideas, so little analysis.  Three people should weigh in on every opportunity.  They need to be smart, they need to validate assumptions and bring value to the table.  Guessing is not OK.

D = there is demand…people want it, your marketing person is responsible for this.

B = it can be built, might be hard, but possible…..your designer/developer is responsible for this.

M = it can be sold, people will pay money, your sales person is responsible for this.

Digital products will fail if you don’t bring together these three critical resources, validate assumptions and be realistic. Our company has saved millions of dollars of waste, by doing this simple analysis. Don’t move forward without it.

It doesn’t mean you have bad ideas, it just means they may need adjustment to reach their potential. If you think you have something, but not sure what to do next, contact us, we can help.