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Ok this one is a bit more ugly than the others. It’s the concept we want to convey.
The source of traffic is from anywhere, but the flow of conversion is the same.

Don’t mistake this for our endorsement of ‘all traffic is the same mentality’….failure happens when you do that.

If your service helps two different kinds of customers, DO NOT….worth repeating, Please DO NOT land them on the same page.

Need help developing landing pages?, we know this challenge and have met it many times.
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Please create an experience people want, give them a landing page that gets their head shakin’ yes, this is for me. To be a bit forward here, you wouldn’t land a man on a pink page? right?. But don’t land everyone on a drab gray page either. Land them where they will most likely convert.

If you ‘dumb down’ one page for all your potential customers, you won’t get any.
Digital space is silly cheap, use it effectively.

Your marketing plans should be ‘by customer type’, your landing pages should be the same.

Seriously now, think about this. Setting up all your Google adwords to land on the same page is silly. Trying to have one page be the end all be all for SEO, once again, silly. Create marketing channels….funnel the segmented traffic into a specific landing page. Rinse and Repeat.

Save money and time, and be less ‘silly’.

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