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Adwords TuneupLess Money, more Leads

Google makes adwords too easy, and makes marketers lazy.  It becomes a ‘bidding’ war and everyday the margin of sales decreases as Google makes more money.  95% of Google revenue comes from advertising.  Wow, that is a lot of money.  Most marketers lose focus, too many things to do, too many things to measure, etc.

As we focus on pragmatic actions, we look extremely close at the value of adwords and how to achieve success.

It is all about two measurements:
(1) Impressions to clicks
(2) clicks to sales (could be signups or whatever action you expect to your customer to do once they visit your site)

Are you measuring?
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Now Take Action
A = Doing fine, keep going.
B = Fix your landing page
C = Improve your keywords to match your ad.
D = Stop…too many keywords, you are funding Google.

Still a little confused? no problem.

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