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I sure felt stupid reading the paper.

1st time in a year, I’m sick. I used to think people with migraines were total pansies. What would impress horticulturists everywhere, a giant pansy grew in my bedroom. hmm..that didn’t come out right.

I couldn’t move. In support of all the guys everywhere, yes, I did think I was dying.

With all the things in my life, including dying or becoming the mirror image of a giant flower, I learned something. I read the entire paper.

I can’t remember the last time I read the paper. I am connected online with an RSS reader (Bouncebase of course) and I have a good group of friends that send me links and I watch the news (Fox news if you must know).

All of which, you think, would somewhat worsen my headache.

After going through the ‘guy stuff’ in the paper, Bestbuy, Dell, Dick’s (odd name) sporting goods, and sadly missing the Circuit City flyer (they are in bankruptcy), I started to read every article. That’s right, every article.

Since the daily content I read is filtered, by me via RSS and by the group of friends I hang with, and of course the bias of Fox news, I never really saw a clear picture, maybe the big picture, but never a clear picture.

I read every story and here is what I learned.

There is limited solutions in the newspaper. There is plenty of information.

Two people killed….

Somebody raped a 73 year old woman…..
with video it says

Man shot in head….

Burglar won’t steal our Christmas….

Columbine Style Shooting foiled….

This stuff is so sad, I can’t make it up.

I realized how much my news is filtered and thought, maybe this isn’t good. Sure it is convienent, both in efficiecy and ignorance. I sure felt stupid reading the paper.

As of now, I added some news feeds that I normally don’t read. Try it.
It’ll open your eyes, prevent ‘death by headache’ and give your home an aroma of flowers.