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There are a thousand things you could do, and THREE things you should do.

Let’s get started with what helps your business grow or charity flourish.


If your future customers don't TRUST your website, they are gone. Build Trust First.

We are all similar when visiting a company's website for the first time. We use some logic, and our emotions come out too. We are typically skeptical, sometimes on the edge of cynical when looking things over. You get a first response, it is an instinct based on your experience. A positive feeling starts with an error free, fast, modern, secure website.

If your content confuses your customer, they are gone. Delivery Clarity Second.

Once you gain trust, simple design, no errors, responsive to any device then, and only then is your content important. Keep it as simple as possible; single line titles, summary info people can read in <10 seconds (otherwise it's not really a summary). Images that are like a 1,000 words. Clarity is accomplished with the right combination of words, images & video, not fancy, just simple and smart.

If your call to action is not obvious, they are gone. Make it easy for them to take action.

Getting a future customer to take an action is a big deal. It is an emotional step for them, after they trust you, and understand what you do and how you can help them. It is like them saying 'sounds good to me'. There are three levels of commitment, NOW (call / donate), SOON (email contact), and MAYBE LATER (signup to follow social or newsletter). You want to have all options as if you don't, they are gone and it is a missed an opportunity for you. Rarely to website visitors return.

Our Advice

We recognize there are a lot of self-help options such as GoDaddy or Wix.  We also recognize that any time spent on building a website is time not spent on running your business.  If you wanted to do it yourself, we’d still like to talk to you to make sure you have the right steps to do it right. We do have a fantastic reference list of VOSB’s and Charities that thank us for helping them get started AND support them from month to month.  We feel your website should work for you, not against you in growing your business.

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