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One of the most popular business models on the Internet is where you give something away for free, and then desperately try and up-sell that customer over time. It’s not a horrible model, it’s better than a page full of useless ads or Google Adsense.  This is classic permission marketing, earn the smallest level of trust possible, then grow it over time, eventually turning the trust into revenue….something like this…Free > Trust > Revenue.

What is Freemium?

Any service (or software product) that ‘holds back’ features in the free version, is hoping to get people to use the free and want the premium….aaah..Free…mium.  I get it now.

The ‘term’ was invented by Fred Wilson from AVC in 2006.  Here is the wikipedia article.  Short, worth the read.

The problem is that without proper, uh…farming, your dormant and free users become really bloated.  This takes resources and is the opposite of what you want.

8ONE8 helps solve this with a  service called Freemium-Farmer.

Using 8ONE8 Freemium-Farmer you get the following FEATURES:

1. Data Analysis; who, when, what, how.

2. A tactical plan to ‘convert’ dormant.

3. A prevention plan to convert current trial users.

4. Action, either you do it, or we do it.  Results focused.

The ADVANTAGES to using 8ONE8 Blog-Letters are:

1. We have been there and done this, we know what works.

2. Content testing is a core competency, we optimize the message.

3. Track the pipe…Signup > Trial > Install >Usage > Paid

The BENEFITS to using 8ONE8 Blog-Letters are:

1. More paying customers

2. Less Cost of Free

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