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So you’ve tried a newsletter.

So let me guess, it’s a headache with low results. Like most, it is frustrating because the formatting is more difficult than it should be, the use of email software is time consuming and you have no idea how to connect your blog with twitter or facebook, even LinkedIn or the next best thing.

What if you could have a simple online publishing tool to write, publish and distribute to groups without the mess, cost or learning curve? Well this would be great right?

8ONE8 provides a service called Blog-Letters.

Using 8ONE8 Blog-Letters, you get the following FEATURES:

1. Web Based publishing platform

2. A blog on your website

3. Unlimited ‘Groups’

4. Automatic distribution to ‘user specified’ medium; traditional email, social network, txt message.

5. Unlimited Author accounts

The ADVANTAGES to using 8ONE8 Blog-Letters are:

1. Constant Communication to your customers

2. Segmented communication by group

3. Multiple distribution outlets; email, twitter, facebook, txt.

4. Updated website via blog (online newsletter)

The BENEFITS to using 8ONE8 Blog-Letters are:

1. Customer Loyalty

2. Increased Business

3. Referral Network

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