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First Impressions Count

Website Design

Your website should have a purpose, a reason to exist.  First and foremost it is often the first impression of who you are.  Your visitors, who are a potential customer, will judge you, quickly making a decision whether they trust you or not. You will have less than 5 seconds.

Let us help get you started, or re-design what you have to make the right first impression.

Need a website, quick, fast AND good?

You know you need one, but the choices are endless. It is important to get it right. When potential customers want to buy from you, they first check your website, every time. You will lose 99% of your customers if you don’t do this part right. Let us help, we cut through the noise and get to the signal.

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Our Process
8ONE8 helps business be smart about websites. We talk with you for an hour or so, we mockup 2-3 different pages, choose design, setup host, webpage, emails, etc. We make it a ‘no brainer’ for you. You ask us to help, them we do it. Simple.

Our Promise
We bring customer service and attention to detail. We listen to your goals, add the features you need and provide communication channels to your customers.

What you get
Our website service includes hosting setup, email setup, coding, graphics and the addition of a variety of features that enable communication to and from your customers.

Everyone is Mobile, Are you?

Mobile Design

You might have a great website, but a lot of your customers access your online offering via their mobile device. We convert your ‘website’ into a mobile site. We setup ‘device detect’ so your website knows the type of device (iphone,ipad,blackberry) and shows them the page that is optimized for THAT device. Whoa and Wow!

People are mobile, you should be too.

A mobile site should be a lead generator, often your website is checked from a social setting after word of mouth marketing has occurred OR…maybe someone is trying to contact you, or find you. Having a click to call phone number and click to get directions are critical.  You need to be where and when the customer needs you, that means mobile.

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Our Process
The first thing we do is to talk to you about your mobile goals, and maybe give you some you haven’t thought of yet.

We evaluate your need, check your analytics to see the type of mobile traffic you already get and define a solution.

Our Promise
We are focused on your business, so we will understand your needs and provide you a powerful, scalable and effective solution.

What you get
A mobile website that makes your business look great, generate leads, delivers your brand and connects with your customers…WHERE and WHEN they want to connect with you.

Not All Traffic is Good.

Online Marketing

We can help navigate past the many wrong turns, customers are nearby. Need to get results, let us provide a strong marketing mix approach.

You may have a website already, but it is not generating the business you want. Let us get some people visiting your website. By a combination of online pay per click advertising, email marketing, social networking and conversion best practices, the ROI will be quick and ongoing.

A Few links to get you started
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Our Process

8ONE8 measures results. The proper mix will get you the best results. There are two specific costs you must measure, (1) the cost per visitor and (2) the cost per acquisition. Many companies can ‘fake it’ and get you plenty of traffic. Your cost per visitor is LOW, but you get no new customers, so your cost per acquisition is high. Of course, we could bring the perfect customer, but it would only be one new sale, that doesn’t work either

Our Promise

We will measure, measure, measure. We will compare the results, both for visitors and acquisitions and calculate the cost per visitor and cost per acquisition; month to date, year to date, etc. We use a creative approach grounded in delivering measurable results

What you get

We will work with you to identify your target customers, educate you on the different pros/cons of online marketing approaches, install Google analytics, setup reports and then define your online marketing strategy. Understanding your product, your target audience and the proper approach, the right mix of marketing dollars, all for the purpose to maximize the return on your investment….more sales.

Ongoing, we evolve your keywords, add and edit your paid search campaigns, nurture your social networks and manage best in class email marketing.

Build Loyalty and Customers

Content Publishing

When a new customer visits your website, they take two steps; the first – do they trust you? and the second – do you offer potential value? By having stale content, or a lack of content, you will lose potential customers. Keeping your website fresh takes a priority, it will bring more customers.

Our team makes it easy for you to keep it fresh, relevant and valuable.

Stale content on your website turns away prospects, be more dynamic, it’s easy.

Updating your website with valuable content and automatically distributing it via social networks, email newsletters drives loyalty.

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Build Trust First | Content Sharing Tools | Broadcast Tower Marketing

Our Process
8ONE8 becomes an extension of your company. We do two things; (1) review daily news for articles appropriate to your blog/newsletter, (2) update your website with any content provided by you or members of your team. We make this very easy for you and your team. We simply provide you an email that you can send updates to, we review/edit and post within 24 hours.

Our Promise
We build website trust and customer loyalty through the real-time update and distribution of your content. We have a full time staff that posts any and all updates to your website. It becomes a focal point for your existing customers and we turn your website into a point of trust, driving more sales. potential customers. It is easy for you and good for your business.

What you get
We provide an email address that is just for you, email us from anywhere, anytime. We’ll drive articles to your website based on criteria set by you, distribute these updates to your facebook account, twitter or your automated email newsletter.

Get Leaner, go faster.

Project Management

You don’t have time and money to waste on a product that nobody wants. We want to introduce you to Agile Development. We are the experts to help you get it done.

Have a lot of ideas and need help getting it done?

OR a bit tired of slow, costly, low quality software?

You might not have the budget to hire a full time project manager. We can help. We work on a weekly basis, making things happen fast, producing an output for you and most important, your customers to test and use. Working with diverse, high pressure situations, we keep teams focused, on track, and under budget. The output is great software that your customers want, software that your customers will use. This is what we do and what we’ve done.

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See examples of our project work | Perfect Never

Our Process
8ONE8 delivers what you couldn’t do on your own. We get past the ‘cool’ and the ‘hype’. We bring the resources to set the strategic vision, create the plan, enhance the leadership and have the network of experts to get it all done. We work with you to think about the ‘could do’ and design a plan around what you ‘should do’. 8ONE8 uses a proprietary SCRUM based rapid development approach for technology based initiatives. Wow, sounds great, huh? find out more how it can help you exceed your goals.

Our Promise
We bring something you can’t find. Instant Team. Instant Expertise. Instant Value. We have heard often that our partners have made more progress in one week than the previous six months. Your risks are low, your costs are low and our commitment is high. 100% of our partners have signed with us after the initial consultation. Contact us, value starts on day one.

Our Pricing
For big projects, Agile Development is the only way. Our Agile Development fees are lower and we pass directly our savings from our worldwide contractors to our partners. We charge a weekly fee and it’s a real time contract, you only pay as you go.

A few links to get your started….

See examples of our project work | Perfect Never

Nobody can do it all alone.

IT OnDemand

You probably need an IT team, we have one and it works really simple and well for clients who need/want additional help. We do recognize that either as a byproduct of your business being busy, you need it done quickly or that you’d rather pay for it than try it yourself, we can easily step up to helping maintain your IT needs; whether it is your website, your blog, office network, PC software or that error message that won’t go away.

What is ‘IT’?

8ONE8 becomes your IT team; we are on-call, helping you with anything you need IT.

8ONE8 helps companies without an IT team, it works really simple and well for clients who need/want additional help.

Our Process
You make a deposit based on an estimated one months work; minimum $1,000 deposit.
Then we reduce the amount over time depending on what services you use (just like a bank account).

You don’t lose what you don’t use, it just stays in your account for next month.
It is not necessary to deposit money each month, it is just based on your anticipated usage.

The process is simple; you make requests, we reply with total cost; hours + price.
If the request is more of a ‘project’…we’ll let you know; simple changes are done for free.

At the end of each month, we review together your upcoming plans and decide if an additional deposit is needed. Your account never expires.

There are two pricing tiers; 5 day turn around and 24 hour turn around.

There is a fixed hourly rate for each of these service areas.

1. Content – Adding content, editing content;
2. Graphics – Creative, Design, Logo;
3. Programming – PHP, CSS, Database;
4. Consulting – Analytics, Conversion, SEO;
5. PC Helpdesk – Computer Setup, Email Creation, Network setup, Backup;

Remember, you request and agree to each action before we get started; no surprises.

Our Promise
8ONE8 prioritizes your requests and they are logged and tracked for response and resolution measurements.

This approach enables you to control your needs and costs, with pre-established pricing.
Our goal is to always work towards an ROI for you.

What you get
8ONE8 is a team of experts, we treat our team well and they treat you well. Your business grows and your IT worries are eliminated.

Avoid Mistakes; go Faster.


You have big ideas, but unsure of what to do next. We empathize with you. You are excited and stressed, you have limited time and limited budget, you can’t afford to take a wrong path.

Are you being left in the dust, dazed and confused?

Our experience can guide you in the right direction and as important, avoid the wrong direction, pit falls and dead ends.

A few links to get you started…

Be Agile – SCRUM | See examples of our consulting work

Our Process
8ONE8 helps business catch up. We have a basic deposit, then you can use the hours immediately. We will come to your location, setup an online meeting or simply via phone. As a service, we provide you with ongoing news related to subjects that will help your business. Our incoming news feeds give us everything real time, we pass on to you what you care about. No charge…it’s included.

Our Promise
Nobody is more pragmatic about technology than 8ONE8. We keep it real, usable today and help understand what and how to implement for YOUR business.

Our Pricing
We have simple per hour fee and you cover travel expenses. We take a deposit and then credit your account each month. Use it all in one week, or use over 12 months.