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Having actually been to the silicon valley, it is interesting to see the gap, let’s call it a canyon between the ability to speak about technology and the wisdom to know how to apply it to business.

Technology often gets in the way, it is rarely understood and the attempt to stay on the bleeding edge, does just that, causes bleeding.  Nobody has time, money for this.  So they continue to do the same things that they know work.  This is a good approach, for a while.  No blood, yet.

It gets messy when…

The blood comes when a business figures out how to use technology and that business is NOT yours.  It is a competitors.  This causes pain, and sadly, it is often not reversible.  More work, less money environment develops until the business owner has ‘had enough’.  It’s never really too late, but this ‘reaction’ mode is costly and since your business already has thin margins, it can be ‘death from waiting’.

What’s a business to do…
Be proactive by being focused on the application of technology.  Trust someone who does this everyday.  Hopefully you choose 8ONE8.  If not, that’s ok too.  Just be proactive.  As a start, you should subscribe to one of our newsletters.  Pick one that is about you.

We can help you get things organized, save time, save money and best of all, we can actually do the work.

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