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Conversion FunnelMeasure, Measure, Convert

A – Bounce Rate – aka…Fear Rate
What percentage of site visits are do something? or do nothing? No action at all = fear = bounce = wasted money.

Look For: Opportunities to improve your trust, initial clarity, quality of traffic, landing pages.
Target: 85% or better

B – Overall Visits to Decision Page Visits
What percentage of site visits are getting into a potion to evaluate offerings?

Look For: Opportunities related to navigation, on site search, site performance and prospect quality.
Target: 50% or better

C– Decision page visits to Shopping Cart visits
Upon evaluating your offers, what percentage of visits are indicating heightened interest by taking the next step?

Look for: opportunities related to pricing, benefit communication, product merchandising and strategic positioning.
Target: 30%

D– shopping cart visits to checkout start visits
What percentage of visits to your shopping cat are indicating on immediate purchase intention by starting the starting of the checkout process

Look for: issues related to SSL, page presentation, promotion code confusion and cross selling tactics
Target: 60% or better

E– Checkout start visits to completed orders
What percentage of visits starting your checkout process are actually completing the order?

Look for: issues related to member registration, form usability, payment and shipping options and process complexity.
Target: 75% or better.

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